Unipolar cables

New Supply is able to process unipolar cables in PVC, silicone, AVG, Teflon, glass-silicone in different STYLES with sections from 0.05 m2 up to 95 m2; on the various unipolar cables, the seals of numerous and varied terminals of the most prestigious brands are made including: MOLEX, AMP, TYCO, INARCA, etc. MOLEX, AMP, TYCO, INARCA, etc.

Our cables are used in different applications such as coffee machines for bars, electric motors, industrial glass-washers and dishwashers, hot and cold air generators, hobs, gate openers and vending machines.

The distribution of unipolar cables made by New Supply in Treviso, encompasses above all the Italian territory and involves all those companies that export worldwide.


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